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A lot of costumes featured in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Cold Front”; wherein “Captain Archer” finds that a member of his crew is reputedly from nine-hundred years in the future and hunting the Suliban “Silik” (John Fleck). This lot consists of a costume for wear by Leonard-Kelly Young in the role of one of the pilgrims that the “Enterprise NX-01” ferries to view “The Great Plume”, “Sonsorra”, it is a long-sleeved, full-length, brown robe with matching overall-style trousers and dickie; a full-length, multi-colored tunic featuring vertical stripes in a rust-colored floral pattern with brown, horizontal stripes that become sashes on the sides and a matching hood. The lot also consists of two more identical costumes for unnamed pilgrims. A sewn in tag in the “Sonsorra” costume reads “Leonard-Kelly Young” and the two other pilgrim costumes' tags read “Robert Middleton” and the other “Cary Lee Sato” respectively; the costumer’s tags read ‘Enterprise #011 Cold Front, Sonsorra, Leonard-Kelly Young’ and ‘Enterprise ep #011 Cold Front, brown Alien Pilgrims, Cary Lee Sato, Robert Middleton’.

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