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EBAY#: 130241788327 START: 2008-07-26 18:26:00 (week 85)
END: 2008-08-02 18:26:00
BIDS: 21PRICE: $634.00assumedsuccess
A sturdy molded rubber prop Romulan disruptor rifle made for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine painted metallic pewter with black, metallic copper, and purple accents. The sides of the prop feature purple painted ‘Romulan' character letters and the item measures approx. 19 X 2.75 X 9 inches. Several were used by Ferengi characters such as “Nog” (Aaron Eisenberg) in the episode “The Magnificent Ferengi” while props like this also appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Memorial”. This particular item features mounts on the left side an accompanying black nylon shoulder strap. As an additional feature this item includes an embedded trigger button that is fixed into position and while the item is in good condition the paint depicts scuffs and cracks over generally the entire surface.