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EBAY#: 370074120347 START: 2008-08-03 18:16:00 (week 86)
END: 2008-08-13 18:16:00
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A costume of the style featured in various Star Trek feature films. This costume consists of a full-length black robe in gorgeous, metallic-gold floral design, large, bell-sleeves with the same gold color around the cuffs and a matching stripe around the collar and down the front. A full-length, over the shoulder sash featuring a metallic gold-color and an iridescent red sheen, a large, rust-colored stripe over the shoulder and down the front with a large, yellow “jewel” near the shoulder with Vulcan iconography. Included is a rust-colored hat in the Vulcan-style, featuring a similar iridescent trim, copper-colored chinstrap and accents on the rear, and a round ‘jewel’ like the one found on the costume. A sewn in tag in the costume reads ‘3-23’, a tag in the hat reads ‘1-9’, and a costumer’s tag reads ‘Michelle Harshaw, 3-23’.