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A lot of three scripts all from the seventh and final season of Deep Space Nine. The first script is for the episode “Once More Into The Breach”; wherein a legendary Klingon warrior also seen in the Original Series “Kor” (John Colicos), comes to “Worf” (Michael Dorn) wanting to go into battle again. The second episode is “Field of Fire”; wherein “Ezri Dax” (Nicole de Boer) summons the memories of the murderous “Joran Dax” to help her find someone who is killing people on the station. The last episode is “The Changing Face of Evil”; wherein the Breen ally with The Dominion to attack Earth the Federation alliance is losing space, and “Kai Winn” (Louise Fletcher) begins her blasphemous slide towards the Pah-Wraiths. Each script has the episode name, draft it is, and date on the front; the aforementioned info repeated along with the episode number, director, and writer of the episode.

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