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EBAY#: 370077994156 START: 2008-08-15 19:12:00 (week 88)
END: 2008-08-22 19:12:00
BIDS: 17PRICE: $710.00assumedsuccess
A Starfleet uniform in the style that made its first appearance in Star Trek VIII: First Contact and is comprised of a full-length black jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders. The jumpsuit features black elastic stirrups at the feet, a form fitting elastic waistband sewn inside with attached loops for ‘away team’ gear, a Velcro patch on the left breast for a commbadge (sold separately), and an Operations Gold division stripe at the cuff. The uniform zips up the front and comes complete with a separate long sleeved undershirt matching the division cuff color that zips up the front. Uniforms like this were also seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine after the episode “Rapture”, in late seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Nemesis. A sewn in tag of the style used in the last two feature films is present in the jumpsuit but any information is too faded to be legible; a sewn in Voyager tag in the undershirt reads ‘Carlo Antonazzo’.

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