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EBAY#: 370081914931 START: 2008-08-29 16:28:00 (week 90)
END: 2008-09-05 16:28:00
BIDS: 20PRICE: $885.96assumedsuccess
A costume featured in the tenth Star Trek feature film “Nemesis” for wear by a member of the Romulan Senate in one of the opening scenes of the film. This costume consists of a long-sleeved, full-length, metallic-copper colored robe featuring three false collars each with various colors and designs matching those of the Romulan Fleet uniforms, quilted cuffs and lapels, and zip adjustment on the cuffs. A full-length, metallic-brown colored robe in a kimono-esque style featuring 40-inch, open bell-sleeves, quilted lapels all the way down the front, an unattached, dark-gray, resin-cast, pin-backed badge denoting membership in the Senate of the Romulan Star Empire, a tie dickie making a Mandarin collar in a similar brown, spotted pattern. A pinned in tag in both robes reads ‘Donna Burns’.

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