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EBAY#: 370081914952 START: 2008-08-29 16:36:00 (week 90)
END: 2008-09-05 16:36:00
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A costume like those featured near the end of “The Search for Spock”, the beginning of “The Voyage Home”, and various instances in other episodes and films. This costume consists of an off-white tunic, tan-colored bell-sleeves of a slightly finer fabric, a dickie sewn on top featuring a reflective silver and violet checkerboard pattern and trousers matching the fabric of the sleeves. A sleeveless, gray tabard featuring gold-highlighted, black stripes across and down the front and back, white, black, and gold stripe down the right side, and trapezoidal-shaped, faux jewel with Vulcan iconographic symbol. Included is a rust-colored, Vulcan-style hat featuring trim and chinstrap of the same checkered pattern, addition trim in a tan color, and another faux jewel in a stylized arrow shape. The tabard has minor staining due to time and storage. A tag in the hat reads ‘Jay Crimp, 2-1’; an accompanying costumer’s tag reads ‘Vulcan Electrician, sc 34-36, Int. Bird of Prey’, and a sewn in tag in the costume reads ‘2-2’.

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