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EBAY#: 370090557755 START: 2008-09-26 17:54:00 (week 94)
END: 2008-10-03 17:54:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $207.50assumedsuccess
A PADD (Personal Access Display Device) featured in the episode “Borderland” of Star Trek: Enterprise. The item is solid cast resin with an elongated octagonal shape, painted black with metallic silver and gold inset and highlight painted accents and a round centered ‘display screen' with a reflective graphic depicting ‘Orion’ character letters meant to exhibit selections and prices at a slave auction during scenes in the episode. PADD’s of this type were seen in the episode “Zero Hour” when “Hoshi Sato” (Linda Park) is trying to break the decryption on the schematics for the Xindi Superweapon and further used, in a different color, as Quarren in the Voyager “Workforce” story arc. The item measures approx. 7.25 X 5 X .5 inches.