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EBAY#: 370090555059 START: 2008-09-26 19:22:00 (week 94)
END: 2008-10-03 19:22:00
BIDS: 25PRICE: $1255.00assumedsuccess
A specialized Starfleet uniform created for Terry Farrell in her performance as “Jadzia Dax” in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine like “Change of Heart”. The costume is a set of black trousers with a stitched in gray under tank that zips up the spine, the waist features sewn in away team gear loops; a science s blue uniform undershirt that does not zip all the way to the top of the neck; and a uniform jacket with no front zip. The non-standard zip configuration of this costume is meant to create the dressed down appearance necessary for the steamy jungle setting in the episode. The costume components all feature sewn in Deep Space Nine tags reading ‘Terry Farrell’, the trousers piece features a similar sewn in tag reading ‘Dax B’, the costume comes with three costumer’s tags reading ‘DS9, Dax, Terry Farrell’.