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EBAY#: 370093096570 START: 2008-10-03 19:07:00 (week 95)
END: 2008-10-10 19:07:00
BIDS: 26PRICE: $11720.00assumedsuccess
A Starfleet uniform worn by James Doohan in his portrayal of “Montgomery Scott” in Star Trek feature films like Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The costume was altered for use by actors following its appearance but the lot contains accents to create the best available “Scotty” uniform. The lot consists of a set of black officer’s trousers, a sleeveless operations gold uniform undershirt, a maroon colored Starfleet officer’s uniform jacket, a black leather belt with an affixed gold colored metal Starfleet emblem buckle. The jacket features an operations grey division strip affixed to the arm, but the lot contains a an unattached operations gold division strip for the sleeve that was located with all but one of the appropriate commendations and service pins attached as the costume appeared in Star Trek VI, as well as a matching shoulder strip with an affixed metallic silver painted molded resin security disk. The sleeve strip features two gold colored metal ‘commendation bars’ and four affixed ’10 year service’ pins, the leftmost one having been added following the item’s location. The uniform shirt features a sewn in Paramount tag reading ‘James Doohan’, the trousers and the uniform jacket both feature sewn in Western Costume Co. tags reading ‘James Doohan’, the belt and the additional division strips were located separately from the costume garments. The trousers also feature a Star Trek VIII tag reading ‘Jackson Sleet’ and depict a small hole in the stitching immediately between the legs. Some fading is visible on the shoulders of the uniform jacket due likely to light exposure, nevertheless, the lot is in fine condition.