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A lot of three scripts from the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. The first script is for the episode “Two Days and Two Nights”; wherein we see our first chronological look at the pleasure planet of “Risa” and the command crew of the “Enterprise NX-01” has varying adventures and misadventures during the titular timeframe. The second episode is “Desert Crossing”; wherein “Captain Archer” (Scott Bakula) and “'Trip’ Tucker” (Connor Trinneer) are invited to a desert-like planet by alien captain under what turns out to be completely different circumstances than they were originally told. The last episode is “Shockwave”; wherein the crew of the “Enterprise NX-01” is en route back to Earth in disgrace after seemingly making the mistake of accidentally destroying an entire colony of, they find it was all the work of the Suliban. Each script has the episode name, draft it is, and date on the front; the aforementioned info repeated along with the episode number, director, writer of the episode on the front page, a page of sets, another of characters and a set of pronunciations on following pages.

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