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EBAY#: 370104757761 START: 2008-10-29 16:54:00 (week 98)
END: 2008-11-08 15:54:00
BIDS: 21PRICE: $63.00assumedsuccess
A lot of two jars like those seen in sickbay in various episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. This lot consists of two short, wide, metal jars with clear plastic lids, sturdy metal latch ensuring sealed closure,; one jar has a polished finished and a Starfleet inventory application that reads ‘Med Research Services’, features the medical caduceus and several serial numbers whereas the second has a more flat finish and an inventory application with several serial numbers and the caduceus alone. Both items have an approx. height of 3.5 inches and an approx. diameter of 7.5 inches.

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