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EBAY#: 370109477148 START: 2008-11-08 17:08:00 (week 100)
END: 2008-11-18 17:08:00
BIDS: 16PRICE: $212.49unknown
Negative feedback Have not received item after 40 days, no communication from them, bad business.
A piece of set dressing appearing in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Empok Nor" as a Cardassian cryo cylinder computer. The item consists of a gun-metal gray frame in a quasi-trapezoidal shape featuring a front piece of smoked acrylic, itself with a graphical application of Cardassian iconography, rounded in the front, minor scuffing along the surface, a line of red lights across the top, and further applications on the reverse of Cardassian iconography in alternating color schemes. Inside is a fluorescent light bulb, both it and the bank of red lights at the top are powered by the present, untested electronics. The item measures approx. 11 X 14 X 8 inches.

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