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EBAY#: 370112958461 START: 2008-11-18 17:32:00 (week 101)
END: 2008-11-28 17:32:00
BIDS: 12PRICE: $493.88confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Excellent transaction. Beautiful costume as described. Thanks!
A costume of the style featured in various Star Trek feature films. This costume consists of a full-length, iridescent, deep red robe featuring a design of tiny black and lighter red diamonds that add to the iridescence, large, bell sleeves with red stripes around the cuffs and a similar stripe down the front of the robe; semi-circular, faux jewel with Vulcan iconographic symbols. A large, metallic-copper, over-the-shoulder, full-length sash featuring a wide gold-colored stripe down the front with a similar faux jewel just under the shoulder. Included is a rust-colored felt, Vulcan-style hate featuring the same deep iridescent red in trim around the bottom, a black and rust-colored chinstrap, and yet another faux jewel with Vulcan iconography. Both the robe and the hat have sewn in Paramount tags that read ‘3-19’. This is the last complete example of one of these costumes expected to be found.

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