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A costume similar to those featured in various Star Trek Feature Films from “The Wrath of Khan to the opening scenes of “Generations”. This costume consists of a long-sleeved, full-length red jumpsuit featuring tan shoulders, a black, ribbed collar and cuffs, black piping, a wide black stripe along the inner sleeve and down the leg, hoops for a belt, and unattached shoulder division strips denoting the wearer as part of the Operations branch. Also included is a matching cuff division strip featuring five gray, metal, Starfleet commendation bars, one metal pin denoting ten years of service, one denoting five years of service, and a pair of black “Puma” athletic shoes with red accents of the Starfleet insignia with wear from time and storage that make them rather fragile. There is a metal badge attached to the left sleeve of the uniform denoting the wearer to be “Petty Officer 1st Class”. The uniform has several sites of distress including the shredding of the ribbed cuffs and collar, premature wear of the black piping, evidence of something having been removed from the chest, and distress on the back to appear ‘dirty’ or used.

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Starfleet uniform (late 2270s-2350s)