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A lot of scripts from the second season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first script is for the episode “The Alternate”; wherein the Doctor who first studied “Odo” (Rene Auberjonois), arrives on the station with news of DNA patterns similar to his on a nearby planet. The second episode is “Paradise”; wherein “Commander Sisko” (Avery Brooks) and “Chief O’Brien” (Colm Meaney) are trapped on a planet with only the most primitive of technology who inhabitants don’t seem to want to let them leave. The last script is for the episode “The Wire”; wherein “Dr. Bashir” (Alexander Siddig) attempts to remove a cranial implant given to “Garak” (Andrew Robinson) during his days with the ‘Obsidian Order'. The cover of the script has the episode name, date, and draft that it is with the same information inside in addition to the episode number, director, list of revisions, and writer of the episode.

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