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EBAY#: 370109477686 START: 2008-11-08 19:10:00 (week 100)
END: 2008-11-18 19:10:00
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Positive feedback execelent, just as despribed
A lot of three scripts used for episodes of Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise respectively. The first script is for the Voyager episode “The Disease”: wherein “Harry Kim” (Garrett Wang) gets more than just a reprimand on his Starfleet record for falling in love with an alien girl. The second script is for the DS9 episode “Prodigal Daughter”; wherein “Ezri Dax” (Nicole de Boer) goes back to her home in the Sappora system to elicit her mother's assistance in finding the missing “Chief O’Brien” (Colm Meaney). This is the only look we get at “Ezri’s” home and family. The last script is for the Enterprise episode “Acquisition”; wherein a group of interstellar thieves, who are obviously Ferengi but are never actually named as thus, incapacitate the crew and begin looting the “Enterprise NX-01”. This episode obviously, if not officially, gives us our first series appearance of the Ferengi and minutiae associated with them. The ENT and DS9 scripts have covers with the episode name, date, and draft that it is whereas the Voyager script does not even though it is a final draft. All items have a cover page with the aforementioned info repeated along with the episode number, director, and writer of the episode. The ENT script also has a page with the following lists; one of the sets used one of characters in the episode, and a set of pronunciations for alien languages or technical terms. The Voyager script has a handwritten note posted on it that reads “This is not a final final! More will be shot on this one”.

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