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EBAY#: 370112958984 START: 2008-11-18 18:42:00 (week 101)
END: 2008-11-28 18:42:00
BIDS: 6PRICE: $101.00assumedsuccess
A lot of costume elements featured in the Star Trek: Voyager story arc “Workforce”. This lot consists of a full-length, long-sleeved jumpsuit, in a blue reflective fabric featuring a textured, “wrinkled” design, a patch with Quarren iconographic symbols just off the left shoulder, a zip down the front, and a matching belt. Included is a sleeveless jumpsuit like the other but with a sleeveless, black, spandex-like top sewn onto reflective gold-colored trousers and an unfinished jacket that was being altered for later use to go over it. The blue jumpsuit features a sewn in tag that reads ‘Ken Gruz’, a costumer’s tag that renames this. In the two part costume, the jumpsuit denotes reuse in Enterprise by the presence of a tag but the name in the tag is smeared or faded into illegibility.

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