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EBAY#: 370117022121 START: 2008-11-28 19:32:00 (week 103)
END: 2008-12-08 19:32:00
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Positive feedback Great seller, item as described, highly recommended!!!!!
A starship model created for the pilot episode television series “The Osiris Chronicles” or “Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy” as it was known in some markets. The item is the model of the “Daedalus”, an intergalactic battle cruiser commanded by a planetary warlord who, though antagonistic through much of the series pilot episode, eventually joins forces with the protagonists following the climax. The ship is over four feet long and contains intricate internal wiring for untested lights. The cannon mounts on the dorsal side are removable as are several other components, but replaced by way of magnets. A motion control rod mount is positioned at the center axis point of balance before the thruster assembly in the center fuselage, it features a removable magnetic cover. The model is painted realistically with multiple points of hand painted ‘battle damage’ like weapon hits and scoring. The item features a general coloration of light gray with raised and painted plating details. Twelve powerful-looking forward mounted cannons a positioned symmetrically around the model with multiple raised accents and metallic painted details. The model represents not only a little known sci-fi television show, but the last of an era of handmade craftsmanship. With so much of entertainment media being devoted to computer generated effects and cheaper productions, this item.