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EBAY#: 370117021788 START: 2008-11-28 18:40:00 (week 103)
END: 2008-12-08 18:40:00
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Positive feedback good scripts well packed
A lot of three scripts for third season episodes of Deep Space Nine. The first episode is “Destiny”; wherein the Federation, Cardassian Union, and Bajorans attempt a joint scientific expedition to place a wormhole relay in the Gamma Quadrant as an early warning against Dominion attack but find that The Obsidian Order has other plans. The second episode is “Meridian”; “Jadzia Dax” (Terry Farrell) falls in love with a member of a species whose planet is only in corporeal form for a short time every sixty years. The last script is for the second half of the “Past Tense” story arc; wherein “Commander Sisko” poses as the accidentally killed “Gabriel Bell” to make sure that the past unravels as it should and there is a future to go home to. All three scripts have a cover page with the episode name, the draft, and the date; inside is a title page with the writer and director, the episode title stated again and the episode number. The script for the episode “Past Tense: Part II” actually has the name “M. Okuda” in the top right hand corner seeming to denote that this was his personal copy or was intended to be.

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