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EBAY#: 370117021530 START: 2008-11-28 17:56:00 (week 103)
END: 2008-12-08 17:56:00
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A prop item featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Muse”; wherein “B’Elanna Torres” (Roxann Dawson) crash lands on a planet at a technological level analogous to ancient Greece and unknowingly, at first, becomes the muse for a playwright trying to diffuse a possible war. This item is one of the ‘masks’ that the members of the play wore to designate which character they were playing; this mask is an exaggerated visage of “Captain Janeway” (Kate Mulgrew), it consists of strips of fabric on the reverse, coated with a resin finish and made to look like hand beaten bronze. The mask covers about ¾ of the face leaving only the left side of the face from the cheek down uncovered. Attached to the bottom of the chin is a resin-cast handle for the actor to hold about the size of the forearm. The item measures approx. 23 X 9.5 inches.

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