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A costume featured in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Alliances” for a “Kazon-Pommar” and later for an “Illyrian” in the Enterprise episode “Damage”. This costume consists of a dark-gray, long-sleeved tunic featuring quilted rectangular accents of various sizes, and dark-gray, overall-trousers to complete the “Kazon Pommar” costume. A black leather and metal looped harness like those seen on the Mokra costumes in the Voyager episode “Resistance” is added to the costume to make it “Illyrian” from the Enterprise episode. A sewn on Voyager tag in the jacket reads ‘Bob Rudd’, an Enterprise tag reads ‘Eric Norris #071’, son of the great Chuck Norris; the trousers have a Voyager tag that is covered by a newer Enterprise tag that reads the same as the one in the jacket and a costumer’s tag that reads restates the name and another that reads ‘1313 Alliances, Pommar’.

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