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A costume of the configuration featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Rocks and Shoals”; wherein a “Captain Sisko” and his crew crash their Jem’Hadar fighter on a deserted planet that an actual Jem’Hadar contingency have already crashed with a Vorta and only one remaining vial of ketracel white. This costume is what is considered the “Commando” Captain’s variant of the First Contact-style Starfleet uniform but is further varied in that it is supposed to denote extended wear in an arid desert-like climate; it consists of a short-sleeved, blue-gray tunic, a long-sleeved, uniform undershirt in Command Red that is made to only zip 2/3 of the way up, black uniform trousers. A black, Starfleet uniform jacket featuring gray, quilted shoulders, a Command red stripe around the cuffs, a Velcro placement for a commbadge (sold separately) and a matching vest with the same quilting and its own Velcro placement. Three out of the five items in the lot have either a sewn in tag, costumer’s tag or both denoting wear by Avery Brooks, the jacket has a tag denoting wear Brooks’ stuntman ‘John Bennett’ and the trousers feature a tag that reads ‘Randy Phlug’.

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