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EBAY#: 370124780541 START: 2008-12-09 19:14:00 (week 104)
END: 2008-12-19 19:14:00
BIDS: 5PRICE: $202.50confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback WOW, GREAT ITEM. THANKS A+
A costume element featured in the second Star Trek feature film “The Wrath of Kahn” and reused in the Enterprise episode “Judgment”. This item is a long-sleeved shirt worn by one of the henchmen that was banished with “Kahn” (Ricardo Montalban), it is intentionally distressed, with pieces of fabric sewn onto it in an attempt to make it seem like it were patched and repaired from found objects. There are small holes, rips, and tears, as well as stains, fraying, and ‘patch-working’ throughout. Included is a brown belt with pleated accents, red leather cord, and a Velcro placement to secure it around the waist. A sewn in Enterprise tag on the shirt reads ‘Marti Matulis, 045’ and a label on the belt restates the name.

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