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EBAY#: 370133310983 START: 2008-12-20 20:16:00 (week 106)
END: 2008-12-30 20:16:00
BIDS: 18PRICE: $610.00assumedsuccess
A prop item like those featured in TNG-era Star Trek feature films and various episodes of Voyager. This item is a metal gray-colored, plastic carry case featuring multiple, metallic graphical applications, gold-colored Post Generations-style Starfleet emblem on both sides, sturdy buckles on the sides, separated spaces inside for tools and other items held in place by a clear plastic lid. On one side of the item is a red application that reads “Environmental Subsystems Access/ Module 585.34” and starts with a warning about authorized users and, beneath, written small enough so as not to be seen on the air is one of the little ‘in-jokes’ that were so common on props such as this; this one is the theme song to the classic show “Gilligan’s Island” written out. On the other side is a similar gold-colored application that reads “Optical Data Network Systems Access/ 325 A” followed by a similar warning and a different ‘in-joke’, this time, the monologue from the beginning of “The Twilight Zone”. The item measures approx. 18 X 6 X 15 inches when closed.