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EBAY#: 370133311383 START: 2008-12-20 21:48:00 (week 106)
END: 2008-12-30 21:48:00
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A costume of the style first appearing in Star Trek IX: Insurrection, later Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and finally during the wedding scenes in Star Trek X: Nemesis. This costume is the new style Starfleet dress uniform consisting of a full-length, sleeveless, black jumpsuit with black and gold-colored braiding trimming further, wide, gold-colored stripes down the leg with a Command red division strip in the middle. A cropped, long-sleeved, white uniform jacket featuring a gray, quilted center with a zip front bordered by similar gold trim down the lapel and around the quilted white shoulders. Command Red piping around the collar, a division strip with the same black and gold-colored braid as on the trousers, and a special white Velcro placement for a Starfleet commbadge (sold separately). A sewn in tag denoting use in Star Trek: Nemesis reads ‘Ivy Borg, 11-01’.