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EBAY#: 370137871026 START: 2008-12-31 15:00:00 (week 107)
END: 2009-01-10 15:00:00
BIDS: 13PRICE: $510.00confirmedsuccess
Positive feedback Perfect Ebayer. Fast delivery. Perfect item. Thanks for all.
An LCARS style (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) control surface believed to have been part of “Captain Picard” (Patrick Stewart) and “Worf’s” (Michael Dorn) shuttlecraft helm during their pursuit of “Data” (Brent Spiner) in Star Trek IX: Insurrection. The item is a sheet of smoked acrylic cut in a trapezoid shape with rounded corners and a graphical application adhered to the reverse that is best viewed when back lit by an external light source. The graphic depicts a pitch and attitude control, a small star field screen, and several banks of indicator lights and faux buttons. The controls are inscribed ‘Metaphasic Scan’, ‘Shield Rotation’, and more while the faux buttons feature acronyms based around the names of several production crew. The item measures approx. 13.25 X 53 inches across the top and 41.5 across the bottom. The item depicts a degree of damage due to time and storage conditions in that the graphic features a bit of scuffing and a tear where a light box was removed prior to auction which retains dried adhesive.