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EBAY#: 370137871347 START: 2008-12-31 15:00:00 (week 107)
END: 2009-01-10 15:00:00
BIDS: 11PRICE: $130.50assumedsuccess
A lot of three set dressing glass bottles like those appearing variously in episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise like “The Xindi”. The items are brown colored glass bottles with graphical applications adhered to their exteriors. The bottles are distressed to appeared ‘aged’ with a paint based wash that is long since dried and this covers much of the graphics. Each item features a stopper, two cork, one glass. The square shaped bottle depicts a label including the logo of ‘Triskelion’, a frequently reoccurring image in Star Trek episodic television following the original series Star Trek episode “The Gamesters of Triskelion”. The items measure approx. 8.75 X 4 inches diameter, 11.25 X 5.5 inches diameter, and 4.75 X 4.75 X 10 inches.