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Goldberg sale #43, lot #665




SALE: The Manuscripts & Collectibles Sale #43
Goldberg item number: 121519
EBAY LIVE#: 320165979260
ESTIMATE: $2000 - $3000
PRICE: $1900 ($2280 with premium)
Star Trek - Michael Westmore's Make-Up Chair
This turn-of-the-century barber's chair was used for eighteen years by Mr. Westmore to apply make-up to all of the Star Trek characters, both stars and guest stars, throughout the series. The chair has been shown throughout the years, along with other famous and important Star Trek items, in travelling exhibits throughout the country. The seat, back, and head-rest are tan leather and the frame is green. The make-up chair is not in our Beverly Hills offices; it is in Los Angeles and can viewed by appointment only. Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping from Los Angeles. Personal property of Michael Westmore.


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