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Goldberg sale #43, lot #667




SALE: The Manuscripts & Collectibles Sale #43
Goldberg item number: 121523
EBAY LIVE#: 320165979282
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
PRICE: $199 ($239 with premium)
Star Trek - Original Conceptual Drawings For Female Borg
Two original drawings made by make-up artist Michael Westmore as he worked on the concept for the head of the female Borg Seven of Nine who was played by Jeri Ryan and who debuted at the start of Season 4 in in the episode #69 Scorpion, Part 2. Westmore wrote at the bottom: "Concept: Cover most of bald head. Small hole side of neck" and initialed "MSW". The second drawing focuses on how Seven of Nine's eyes will appear: the base color for the iris, the rim, the veins in the eye, etc. A color swatch for the color of the iris, Pantone #644U" is taped to the sketch. At lower right: "Female Borg Star Trek M Westmore…". Personal property of Michael Westmore.


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