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Goldberg sale #43, lot #669




SALE: The Manuscripts & Collectibles Sale #43
Goldberg item number: 121515
EBAY LIVE#: 320165979294
ESTIMATE: $200 - $300
PRICE: $120 ($144 with premium)
Star Trek Memorabilia
Six Star Trek items: black fanny pack with gold and silver Star Trek logo and "ST: TNG" in gold lettering below; a gray vinyl tote bag with blue straps and a red, blue and gray logo: "Interplanetary Imaging Team USS Enterprise NCC-1701D"; and a 36" x 24" color Star Trek: The Next Generation poster signed by make-up artist Michael Westmore. Also, Westmore's personal 1997 and 2004 Thomas' Guide for Los Angeles, the first in a black leather holder with "Star Trek Voyager Season 3" cover and the second in a maroon, vinyl "Enterprise Year 3" holder; and an elaborate, color publicity brochure 11½" x 11½" in a black rubber holder with a gold Star Trek emblem on the cover (Six items). Personal property of Michael Westmore.


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