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Goldberg sale #43, lot #678




SALE: The Manuscripts & Collectibles Sale #43
Goldberg item number: 120963
EBAY LIVE#: 320165979366
ESTIMATE: $300 - $350
PRICE: $149 ($179 with premium)
Star Trek: First Contact Jacket Signed by Michael Westmore
Navy wool jacket with tan suede sleeves and pocket trim, size L. Embroidered in tan on the left side is the Star Trek logo above "Star Trek / First Contact. "Make-up artist Michael Westmore signed in silver marker on the inside right side, and added "First Contact" under his name. The jacket was made by Sew Cal Logo. Fine condition. Star Trek: First Contact, made in 1996 film, was the eighth feature film made from the Star Trek television series. Personal property of Michael Westmore.


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