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Profiles in History sale #23, lot #336


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 23 ESTIMATE: $600 - $800
PRICE: unknown
Klingon prosthetic teeth, scripts and “War Chant” practice tape from Star Trek: The Next Generation, used by Richard Herd as “L’Kor”
(Paramount TV, 1987-94) Pair of custom made cast-resin teeth (upper row), made for Richard Herd and worn by him as “L’Kor” — Worf ’s father’s closest friend – in the TNG episodes “Birthright” parts I & II. Also includes Herd’s original scripts and call sheets from these episodes, a signed photograph of Herd in character as “L’Kor”, and a cassette tape with a recording of the Klingon “War Chant”, used by Herd to rehearse his lines. From Richard Herd’s personal collection.