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Profiles in History sale #23, lot #341


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 23 ESTIMATE: $2000 - $3000
PRICE: $3750
Screen-used gold-plated NC-1701 Enterprise miniature, smashed by Capt. Picard with his phaser rifle in Star Trek: First Contact
(Paramount, 1996) This miniature NCC-1701 Enterprise set piece is dipped in 24k gold, and measures approx. 22 in. long. This model was one of several Enterprise miniatures displayed in the observation lounge, and played a key role in one of the film’s most dramatic moments: when Picard comes to the realization that his vengeance towards the Borg is interfering with his best judgment to save the crew and sacrifice his ship, he launches into a fit of rage, and smashes the trophy case where this and the other Enterprise models were displayed! This particular miniature has suffered some damage from one of the takes, and was repaired at the Nacelle struts between take 18. A great screen-used piece from one of the best scenes of the film.