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Profiles in History sale #24, lot #304


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 24 ESTIMATE: $1500 - $2500
PRICE: $4000
Archive of Gene Roddenberry personal Star Trek scripts and inserts
(NBC-TV, 1966-69) These twelve scripts were Roddenberry’s own copies for these episodes, and each have his name and/or initials in a secretarial had at the upper right corner of the cover. Most are First Drafts, and they were most recently part of Cinefantastique publisher Fred Clarke’s personal collection. Represented episodes are: Arena, Plato’s Stepchildren, Elaan of Troyius, This Side of Paradise (with working title), The Devil in the Dark, The Empath (Final Draft), Spock’s Brain (along with a number of revision inserts), Wolf in the Fold, And the Children Shall Lead, In Essence Nothing (along with writer Gene Coon’s original story outline for this episode, also with Roddenberry’s name at the upper right), The Menagerie (this script is marked “Writer’s Copy”, and Roddenberry was the writer of this historic episode), Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (including a photocopy of the Final Draft of the same episode), a photocopy of the Final Draft of the episode And the Children Shall Lead with original vintage revision inserts for Roddenberry, and The Enterprise Incident (original Final Draft script which is not marked as Roddenberry’s copy, but also includes a number of Roddenberry’s script revision inserts for the episode), and Roddenberry’s revision inserts for the episode Spectre of the Gun. From the personal collection of Cinefantastique publisher Fred Clarke.