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Profiles in History sale #24, lot #310


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 24 ESTIMATE: $15000 - $18000
PRICE: $15000
Original Klingon disruptor from Star Trek
(NBC-TV, 1966-69) Original prop Klingon disruptor with grey-painted wood frame and turned aluminum barrel, sight and frame accents, made for use in the few episodes featuring the Klingons. This piece comes direct from the collection of Henry Renshaw, a financial representative at Paramount from 1948-75, and includes a letter of provenance from Renshaw which states that he was given this prop by Russ Brown, an executive in charge of the back lot departments at Paramount. The various edges to the prop exhibit wear and paint chipping, incurred over the years from Renshaw’s young boys who used this gun (as well as the Laser Pistol from The Cage) as a toy gun. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only intact Klingon disruptor from the Original Series ever offered at public auction. It presents a rare opportunity for collectors to acquire an important piece of Star Trek history. 13 in. long.