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Profiles in History sale #24, lot #341


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 24 ESTIMATE: $200 - $300
PRICE: $400
Klingon belt weapon used in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Heart of Glory”
(Paramount TV, 1987- 1994) This prop consists of a two-piece molded resin “belt buckle” painted green with faux jewels. The two components of the buckle are magnetically attached. Also includes three attachments (two electronically wired pieces and a static tip) that fit together to form a firing barrel. This prop is not complete, as it is missing some parts of the finished weapon. The buckle measures approx. 7 inches long. Originally acquired from the show’s propmaker, this weapon is a key plot device in the episode; the Klingons imprisoned aboard the Enterprise put this device together out of pieces concealed within their belt buckles, and use the assembled Phaser to effect their escape! A great prop from this episode.