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SALE: Hollywood Auction 25 ESTIMATE: $20000 - $30000
PRICE: $55000
The world’s most comprehensive archive of Star Trek Original Series scripts and research material, direct from the collection of legendary Star Trek researcher Joan Pearce
(NBC-TV, 1966-69) The archive consists of over 240 vintage scripts from Star Trek The Original Series representing each and every one of the 79 episodes of the series, including multiple drafts (many of which contain scenes that were never filmed), and multi-colored script revision inserts. Accompanying this extensive archive of scripts are background research reports on virtually every episode, shooting schedules and original story outlines as well as scripts, outlines and background notes for several episodes that were never produced. This goldmine of information was compiled by Joan Pearce, the able assistant of Kellam DeForest Research, Inc. on the Paramount lot. It was Pearce who reviewed, analyzed and wrote the research reports on all Star Trek scripts, investigating the feasibility of the stories and helping to maintain plot, theme and technology consistencies from episode to episode – a key function in the creative process, which ensured stability within the Star Trek universe. Being present from the first pilot, The Cage, on through to the finale of the Enterprise series starring Scott Bakula, Joan was the only common thread from the beginning of the series through to the end of the franchise, including all the feature films. Bjo Trimble, author of the Star Trek Concordance and regarded as the most influential Star Trek fan (whose “Save Star Trek” campaign led to the third season of the series being made after a threatened cancellation by the studio) states the following about Joan Pearce: “Joan was one of the least-known pivotal people in the Star Trek world, and she liked it that way. She had an eidetic memory, retaining everything she ever read. She was head researcher for Kellam DeForest Research, which had offices at Desilu, then Paramount Studios; she later owned her own research company. During all this time, she covered the Star Trek series and movies, putting that amazing memory to use when telling a writer that his “alien” name was an Arabic swear word, or that someone else had written the story on which an “original” script had been based. When not dealing with studio research, Joan traveled the world her own way, once taking a bus trip from Katmandu to London. Those lucky enough to obtain even one of Joan’s personal Star Trek scripts is in for a delightful surprise to find examples of her wry humor and astringent wit hand-written throughout.”In addition to the scripts, research reports and story outlines, the archive includes production memos (three of which signed by Gene Roddenberry), and over 400 slides, including shots of the Enterprise, alien vessels, stills from various episodes and special-effects shots. The paperwork is sprinkled with a few of Pearce’s succinct and witty comments, which served as suggestions to the producers and writers on how to improve their work. There is some minor moisture exposure to a small fraction of the material, incurred from the 40+ years of storage. On the whole, the archive is in very good condition. Interested bidders are strongly urged to view this amazing archive in person. Never again will there be an opportunity to acquire an archive of this scope.

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