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Profiles in History sale #25, lot #592


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 25 ESTIMATE: $3000 - $5000
PRICE: $8000
Brent Spiner Starfleet duty uniform worn as “Data” from Star Trek Nemesis
(Paramount, 2002) Original black & gray Starfleet duty uniform jumpsuit with gold under tunic, worn by Brent Spiner as “Data” in Star Trek Nemesis. Also includes a 3-stud ranking pin attached to the collar of the under tunic and an original Starfleet comm badge with Velcro attachment at the upper left chest of the jumpsuit. Internal costume label inside the jumpsuit handwritten, “Brent Spiner, 11-01, Data”. The under tunic also contains an internal costume label handwritten “Brent Spiner, Data”. A great hero costume in excellent condition, worn by a key character throughout the film.