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Profiles in History sale #25, lot #593


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 25 ESTIMATE: $1000 - $1500
PRICE: $1000
Brent Spiner costume worn as “B-4” from Star Trek Nemesis
(Paramount, 2002) Gold jumpsuit with belt and black undershirt, worn by Brent Spiner as Data’s prototype android “B-4” in Star Trek Nemesis. Although B-4 was a pawn in Shinzon’s plot to destroy Earth, his discovery gave Data a brother he didn’t know he had. After downloading Data’s memory engrams into his own matrix, B-4 also became a means from which Data’s memory would, both figuratively and literally, live on. Internal costume label inside the jumpsuit handwritten, “Brent Spiner, 11-01, B-4”.