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SALE: Hollywood Auction 25 ESTIMATE: $12000 - $15000
PRICE: $10000
The world’s most comprehensive archive of Star Trek: The Next Generation research material from the collection of legendary Star Trek researcher, Joan Pearce
(Paramount TV, 1987-94) This extensive archive consists of over 900 scripts from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The scripts represent 159 episodes, most of which include multiple drafts (many with working titles) in addition to several episodes that were never produced. Also included are hundreds of multi-colored script revision inserts, background research reports and notations on virtually every episode, original story outlines and script status reports. As with the archive of scripts from TOS offered earlier, this fantastic collection represents a goldmine of information, and was collected over the entire series run by Joan Pearce, the able assistant of Kellam DeForest Research, Inc. on the Paramount lot. Pearce reviewed and analyzed nearly every Star Trek script investigating the feasibility of plots, and ensuring episode-to-episode consistencies in order to maintain stability and continuity within the Star Trek universe. Present from the pilot episode of TOS, The Cage, on through to the finale of the Enterprise series starring Scott Bakula, Joan was the only common thread from the beginning of the series through to the end of the franchise, including all the feature films. There is some minor moisture exposure to a small fraction of the material, incurred from the nearly 20 years the archive has remained in storage. On the whole, the collection is in very good condition. Interested bidders strongly are urged to view this amazing archive in person. Never again will there be an opportunity to acquire an archive of this scope.

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