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Profiles in History sale #27, lot #590


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 27 ESTIMATE: $12000 - $15000
PRICE: $19000
Pato Guzman original pre-production concept artwork of the Enterprise bridge for Star Trek
(NBC-TV, 1966-69) This original pre-production concept drawing by Pato Guzman is the very first conceptualization of what would become the most recognizable nerve center of any ship – be it aircraft, sea-going ship or starship, fictional or otherwise – and features the sweeping, semi-circular bridge control stations, wide projection “window”, and of course, the iconic Captain’s chair from which “Capt. Kirk” would lead his crew to far-flung corners of the universe “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The drawing is accomplished in pastel and charcoal on an 18 in. x 23 in. sheet of crème-toned artist’s illustration paper, with an engraved ID plate affixed at the lower right corner reading “Control Room”. It is also featured prominently in The Art of Star Trek as the frontispiece for the first chapter, entitled “A Totally New Universe: The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before – 1964-1965”. The piece is handsomely showcased in a custom frame featuring Starfleet emblems at the corners to a size of 28 in. x 33 in. overall, ready for display. This is the single most important concept drawing in the history of television, one which spawned an amazing forty-year franchise of science-fiction drama for both television and film.