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Profiles in History sale #28, lot #830


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 28 ESTIMATE: $300 - $500
PRICE: $475
Bajoran temple icon from the finale episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(Paramount TV, 1993-99) Distinctive wooden temple symbol painted rustic brown to resemble weathered bronze. This set piece was used in the final episode of the series, “What You Leave Behind”, seen in Kai Winn’s office and in the temple corridor. Measures 29 in. tall x 16 in. wide.

Notes from someone


Not the style seen in "What You Leave Behind", but instead the style seen in "Explorers" as part of the Sisko's Bajoran solar sail craft. The online listing was quickly corrected after Jorg noticed the error and notified PIH.