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Profiles in History sale #30, lot #1219


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 30
EBAY LIVE#: 230194386985
ESTIMATE: $2500 - $3500
PRICE: unknown
Modified Starfleet phaser rifle with illuminating scope from Star Trek: First Contact
(Paramount, 1996) One of three different versions of the phaser rifle used in the film, this model has a black barrel and is wired with an illuminating scope. In the film, the original model is modified in order to contend with the Borg's adaptation of Federation weapons. Constructed of black and gray-painted resin with a retractable strap. Measures 33 in. in length.

Notes from someone


They eBay page lists 2500 for closing price, but the item is not included in the official PIH prices realized list.


Species/Culture::Starfleet | Type::Prop-Weapon