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SALE: Hollywood Auction 30
EBAY LIVE#: 230194387008
ESTIMATE: $2500 - $3500
PRICE: unknown
TR-116 Projectile Rifle variant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(Paramount-TV, 1993-99) The TR-116 is a projectile weapon developed by Starfleet for use in areas of high electromagnetic interference that would render phasers useless. According to Trek lore, this weapon could have been design with the Borg in mind, since projectiles have proven effective against them. In the DS9 episode, "Field of Fire," Science Officer Chu'lak modifies a TR-116 with a micro-transporter that connects at the barrel exit, which allows him to beam the tritanium bullet into another room. Coupled with an exographic targeting sensor, Chu-lak is able to scan through walls and target victims anywhere on the station from his quarters. Ezri Dax uses a similarly modified TR-116 to stop him. Constructed of resin painted black and grey, with rubber grip dressings, additional chrome accents and strap. This rifle was originally used as a Breen rifle, then later used in various configurations through the Star Trek series. Measures 35 in. in length. Various repairs have been made previously.

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Not the TR-116, although very similar (compare with items #3509 and #6095). This is a Breen rifle seen in "Indiscretion" (it seems four rifles of this type were created for the episode), "Penumbra" and "What You Leave Behind".

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The rifle was also seen in "Business as Usual", though not identified as a Breen rifle in that episode.


They eBay page lists 2500 for closing price, but the item is not included in the official PIH prices realized list.


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