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Profiles in History sale #30, lot #1230


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 30
EBAY LIVE#: 230194387022
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
PRICE: $650
Alien phaser from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(Paramount- TV, 1993-99) This variation of the Varon-T disruptor is constructed of molded resin painted black, silver, gold and brown. Used by multiple aliens on the series. Measures 7 ½ in. in length.

Notes from someone


One of the most often reused pistol design there is on Star Trek. In this colour scheme, it seems to be Hain's gun from the episode "Who Mourns for Morn?". For more about the various re-uses of the pistol click here (Rutian pistol).



Canon::Seen on screen | Seen In/Used For::DS9 | Type::Prop-Weapon