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Profiles in History sale #31, lot #896


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 31
EBAY LIVE#: 260218394616
ESTIMATE: $400 - $600
PRICE: unknown
Leech creature seen near Spock’s torpedo coffin on the Genesis Planet in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
(Paramount, 1984) Silicone “leech” creature with airbrushed color markings, measuring approx. 11 in. long. A group of these leech-like alien creatures were seen by Spock’s torpedo coffin when the landing party arrived on the Genesis Planet, after which they discover that Spock’s corpse is missing.

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Several of these have appeared in IAW auction listings: Items #1809, #1826, #6908.
These creatures "evolved" into IAW items #1795 and #5001.


Canon::Seen on screen | Group::Genesis Creatures | Seen In/Used For::The Search for Spock | Type::Prop-Lifeform/Puppet | Weird/Special::bp's favorites