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Profiles in History sale #31, lot #901


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 31
EBAY LIVE#: 230230187761
ESTIMATE: $3000 - $5000
PRICE: unknown
Geordi La Forge “Battle Damaged” Starfleet tunic and communicator badge from Star Trek: The Next Generation
(Paramount-TV, 1987-94) This Starfleet tunic and communicator badge was worn by Lt Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) in the season six episode entitled "Starship Mine" when the station administrator, Mr. Orton, leads a surprise takeover, firing alien phasers and wounding Geordi. The trademark uniform is mustard yellow and black with yellow trim around the neck, the costume has a hole in the right shoulder where Geordi was injured, and the plastic “wound” is surrounded by a circle of blackened cloth and “blood”. With the one-armed tunic is the right arm that is cut off by the crew so they can tend to his wound. Also present on the chest is the white and gold communicator badge affixed with Velcro. Accompanied with a costumer’s label listing the character’s name, the actor and the series. The inside collar is labeled “LeVar #2” in pen. A great Starfleet tunic from a memorable part of this exciting episode.