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Profiles in History sale #32, lot #726


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SALE: Hollywood Auction 32
EBAY LIVE#: 260257431753
ESTIMATE: $8000 - $10000
PRICE: $13000
Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain Picard's desktop computer.
(Paramount-TV, 1987) Hero working prop used in all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the seventh Star Trek film, Generations. The surface and lighted graphics were refurbished at various points during the course of the series and the computer remains in its final configuration for Star Trek: Generations. The computer is marked "#1" on the bottom denoting its use as the primary hero computer. This particular computer made appearances in each of Picard's, Data's and Riker's quarters, Crusher's office and most notably in Captain Picard's Ready Room. Powered by AA batteries, depressing the main white switch engages the internal illumination for the screen. One of only two surviving illuminating Starfleet desktop computers from ST: TNG. An extremely rare and desirable prop.

Notes from gvsualan

2008-09-21 21:50:54 UTC

Closing price: US $13,000.00