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Profiles in History sale #32, lot #731


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Profiles In History Catalog Listing

SALE: Hollywood Auction 32
EBAY LIVE#: 330248748520
ESTIMATE: $3000 - $5000
PRICE: $6000
Jeri Ryan “Seven of Nine” dress from Star Trek: Voyager.
(Paramount-TV, 1995-2001) Star Trek: Voyager “Seven of Nine” dress seen in episode “Someone to Watch Over Me”. This was used in one of the very rare occasions when “Seven of Nine” wears a dress on the series. The main plot is about “The Doctor” and “Seven of Nine”, a hologram and an ex-Borg learning to deal with romance. The plot owes much to modern retellings of the Pygmalion myth. Comprises a mauve spandex long-sleeved dress complete with color matching pantyhose.